Posted on: March 18, 2008 12:21 am


1 North Carolina vs. 16 Coppin State/ Mt St. Marys

More after play-in game.

8 Indiana vs. 9 Arkansas
I like Indiana here.  Eric Gordon will dominate the game, and the Good Indiana will show up.

Indiana 77, Arkansas 66

5 Notre Dame vs. 12 George Mason
What can I say. Im addicted to George Mason. Vets Folarin Campbell and Will Thomas lead the Pats to an upset, as Harangody has a putrid game.

GMU 68, Notre Dame 63

4 Washington State vs 13 Winthrop

This is a tough one to pick. This one will be really close, and could go either way. Im going to guess Winthrop, possibly in overtime.

Winthrop 81, Wazzu 79

6 Oklahoma vs. 11 Saint Josephs

Blake Griffin has a bad day, and Pat Calathes has a great game.  Dogfight, but St. Joes pulls away at the end.

St. Joes 75, OU 66

3 Louisville vs. 14 Boise State
Scary game for Louisville, as Boise State is a sneaky club.  Rick Pitino can't lose as a 3 seed in the first round...can he?

Louisville 77, Boise St. 62

7 Butler vs. 10 South Alabama
Brutal draw for Butler, in Birmingham. They got screwed. They wont let it bother them though, and will take care of business.

Butler 65, South Alabama 61

2 Tennessee vs. 15 American

Ready for this? American has a lead into midway thru the second half, until Tennessee wake up.  Too close for comfort for Tenn.

Tennessee 81, American 73

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