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Midwest Region- 2nd round breakdowns

 Best Game: Louisville vs. Siena

(1) Louisville vs. (9) Siena

Louisville- 80

Siena- 72

After the best game of the first round, Siena will be riding high. Louisville got a little scare from Morehead St., only having a 2 point lead at half. Siena will hang in there, but Louisville will advance.

(12) Arizona vs. (13) Cleveland State

Arizona- 76

Cleveland St.- 80

This game will be fun. Two upsetters will square off to keep ones dream alive. After watching both teams play, I'm convinced Cleveland St. is just better. They are scary athletic. They will give Louisville a run in the sweet 16.

(3) Kansas vs. (11) Dayton

Kansas- 82

Dayton- 68

Dayton pulled the mini-upset over WVU, but the run stops now. Collins will drop 35, and Kansas will advance comfortably.

(2) Michigan St. vs. (10) USC

MSU- 73

USC- 65

Will be a great game, but Gibson cant win it for USC by himself. If he gets help, USC could win, but I like MSU.

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West Region- 2nd round breakdowns

 Best Game: Marquette vs. Missouri, easy choice.

(1) UCONN vs. (9) Texas A&M


A&M- 67

This will be competitive for awhile, but UCONN won't mess around, and will advance confortably.

(4) Washington vs. (5) Purdue

Washington- 71

Purdue- 63

Yawn. Im not super excited about this game. I think Washington is better though, and will win in the end.

(3) Missouri vs. (6) Marquette

Mizzou- 82

Marquette- 78

Missouri wins. Because Marquette doesn't have Dominic James. Im a huge Tigers fan, but I'll admit that with James, Marquette would be a big favorite. The fact of the matter is though, that James is out. Missouri will get the job done.

(2) Memphis vs. (10) Maryland

Memphis- 71

Maryland- 74

Hmm, lots of teams that start with M. Anyway, Vasquez is going to carry Maryland against a sluggish, out of sync team that didnt even look interested in the first round against Northridge. Upset special!

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East Region- 2nd round breakdown

 Best Game: Another region with some fantastic games, but the one I look forward to the most is Texas vs. Duke.

(1) Pittsburgh vs. (8) Oklahoma State

Pitt- 83

OSU- 77

This game will be close. Pittsburgh was just bad in the first round, and deserved to lose. Oklahoma State on the other hand, fought until the end and took out Tennessee in a great game. In the end, I think Pitt will advance.

(4) Xavier vs. (12) Wisconsin

Xavier- 78

Wisconsin- 81

Last round, I was ripping Wisconsin, predicting them to lose by 19 and blasting their inclusion.  Then I saw them play Florida State, and they wanted to be there. Buchanon was money from deep, and Bo Ryan had them fired up. Like Gonzaga, I'm not sold on Xavier, so I will give Wisconsin the upset.

(3) Villanova vs. (6) UCLA

Villanova- 71

UCLA- 66

This should be a great game, with athletes on both sides of the ball. Both trailed against double digit seeds in the first round, but this will be a battle. I think Nova has a little more talent, and will pull out the W.

(2) Duke vs. (7) Texas

Duke- 65

Texas- 71

I am stoked for this matchup. Texas has underachieved all year, and I think they are seeing the light. Duke has been too spotty for me this year, and I think Rick Barned and the Horns can pull the stunner.  This should be a fantastic game.

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South Regional- 2nd round breakdown

 After a relatively quiet beginning 7/8ths to the first round, the final session of four games were fantastic. A double overtime game with clutch last second performances, a 12 over 5 overtime stunner, and a 13 over a 4 overtime thriller. Robert Morris even hung with Michigan State for awhile.

The second round promises to be just as exciting, if not more. I cant wait!

Best Game: Its really a take your pick, but I like Syracuse vs. Arizona State

(1) North Carolina vs. (8) LSU

UNC- 81


This score is under the assumption that Brandon Lawson plays. I dont think he is going to be a game changer by any means, but his presence will will the Tar Heels to a victory. If he doesnt play, anything can happen. Expect a nice game here.

(4) Gonzaga vs. (12) Western Kentucky

Gonzaga- 67

WKU- 70

Western Kentucky is a very good ball club. They pummeled Illinois for most of the game before getting sloppy at the end. Gonzaga is a hard team to judge in my opinion. This should be a heck of a game, but the dream for WKU will stay alive.

(3) Syracuse vs. (6) Arizona State

Syracuse- 77

ASU- 63

Syracuse looked fantastic against Stephen F. Austin, while ASU had a dog fight over Temple.  I just think Syracuse is a much better team.

(2) Oklahoma vs. (10) Michigan

Oklahoma- 71

Michigan- 66

This game rests single-handedly on Blake Griffin. If he shows up and plays well, Oklahoma will win. If not, and Michigan is hitting shots, there could be an upset. Michigan will hang, but Oklahoma will survive.

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South Regional- 1st round breakdown

 Best Game: Arizona St. vs. Temple

Cinderella: Western Kentucky

(1) North Carolina vs. (16) Radford

North Carolina- 78

Radford- 61

Sorry Radford, its not happening.

(8) LSU vs. (9) Butler

LSU- 66

Butler- 67

Pretty much a coinflip. It all depends on how LSU decides to play tomorrow.

(5) Illinois vs. (12) Western Kentucky

Illinois- 58

WKU- 67

Illinois is devastated by injury, and WKU will advance as a 12 for the second straight year.

(4) Gonzaga vs. (13) Akron

Gonzaga- 78

Akron- 56

Gonzaga is just too good. Won't be close, but atleast the kids from Akron get to experience the tourney.

(6) Arizona St. vs (11) Temple

ASU- 75

Temple- 74

Chirstmas will light it up for 30 plus, but ASU hits a last second shot to sneak into the 2nd round. Will be a fantastic game.

(3) Syracuse vs. (14) Stephen F. Austin

Syracuse- 99

Stephen F. Austin- 55

What fatigue? Syracuse rolls. It will get ugly. Nuff said.

(7) Clemson vs. (10) Michigan

Clemson- 81

Michigan- 77

Clemson is so damn irritating. They can be a final four team one day, and then play like fourth place in the SWAC. I think both teams will bring their best, but Clemson will pull it out.

(2) Oklahoma vs. (15) Morgan State

Oklahoma- 78

Morgan St.- 70

Morgan St. will fight and fight until the end, but Griffin will carry the Sooners.

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East Region- 1st round breakdown

 Best Game: Oklahoma State vs. Tennessee

Cinderella: VCU

(1) Pittsburgh vs. (16) East Tennessee St.

Pitt- 81

ETSU- 55

Could it be an all Tennessee second round? Um, No. No chance.

(8) Oklahoma State vs. (9) Tennessee

OSU- 66

Tenn- 71

Might be the best game of the whole first round. Two great teams that will fight to the death. Chism will carry the Vols.

(5) Florida St. vs. (12) Wisconsin

FSU- 68

Wisconsin- 49

I dont think Wisconsin should even be here, and they will be punished for attending.

(4) Xavier vs. (13) Portland St.

Xavier- 77

Portland St.- 69

Close until the end, when Xavier will pull away. Should be a fun game.

(6) UCLA vs. (11) VCU

UCLA- 81

VCU- 83

Poor UCLA. They are underseeded, have to travel the furthest of anyone, and get the joy of facing Eric Maynor. Sucks for them , because VCU is doing some damage this year.

(3) Villanova vs. (14) American

Villanova- 75

American- 65

American hung with Tennessee last year, and they will hang with Nova this year. Really solid teams, but Nova will pull it out.

(7) Texas vs. (10) Minnesota

Texas- 63

Minnesota- 51

Sorry Tubby, but if Texas shows up, they are way better.

(2) Duke vs. (15) Binghamton

Duke- 70

Binghamton- 68

Yes, you are reading the score correctly. This is exactly like the Belmont game. Binghamton is senior dominated, and jacks threes, just like Belmont. They will lead deep into the second half, but Duke will pull it out.

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West Region- 1st round breakdowns

Best Game:  Washington vs. Mississippi State

Cinderella: Mississippi State

(1) UCONN vs. (16) Chattanooga


Chattanooga- 72

UCONN always sucks in these games. If it werent for a collapse, they would have lost to Albany as a 1 seed a few years ago.

(8) BYU vs. (9) Texas A&M

BYU- 76

A&M- 77

This is tough to pick, but the nod goes to A&M.

(5) Purdue vs. (12) Northern Iowa

Purdue- 65

Northern Iowa- 53

I like Purdue here. Wasnt impressed with NIU, and Purdue has been solid all year.

(4) Washington vs. (13) Mississippi State

Washington- 66

Mississippi State- 68

Upset special! Mississippi State continues their miracle run with a first round stunner via buzzer beater over U Dub.

(6) Marquette vs. (11) Utah State

Marquette- 70

Utah State- 57

Utah State hasnt really played anyone. Im not sold at all, and Marquette will overpower them.

(3) Missouri vs. (14) Cornell

Missouri- 81

Cornell- 43

This game will make your eyes bleed. God, Missouri will just run and run and run. Gonna get ugly, quick.

(7) California vs. (10) Maryland

Cal- 57

Maryland- 66

Cal doesnt impress me at all. Maryland will need to show up, and they will. Terps get the job done.

(2) Memphis vs. (15) CSU-Northridge


CSUN- 42

Is it possible to be overseeded as a 15? Yep. Heres the example. The game will explain itself.

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Midwest Region- 1st Round Breakdowns

 This is probably the toughest region of the four. Should be awesome!


Best Game: West Virginia vs. Dayton

Possible Cinderella: Dayton

(1) Louisville vs. (16) Morehead State

Louisville- 89

Morehead State- 52

Poor Morehead State. Gotta play Louisville in Dayton. Perhaps they will learn a thing or two!

(8) Ohio State vs. (9) Siena

Ohio State- 67

Siena- 71

This is one of the toughest games to pick in my opinion.  The Buckeyes are pretty much playing a home game, but I think the Big Ten sucks.  Siena will pull off the mini upset.

(5) Utah vs. (12) Arizona

Utah- 59

Arizona- 71

I love Arizona in this matchup, as I think Utah is way overseeded. Had their preseason loss to D2 school Southwest Baptist counted, they probably wouldnt be in the tournament in the first place.  This one will never be close.

(4) Wake Forest vs. (13) Cleveland State

Wake Forest- 77

Cleveland State- 75

In about half of my brackets, I have Cleveland State pulling the stunner. I watched them beat Butler, and they are good. Should be a hell of a game.

(6) West Virginia vs. (11) Dayton

West Virginia- 66

Dayton- 61

Close game. Two really good teams, but West Virginia will be a little better.

(3) Kansas vs. (14) North Dakota State

Kansas- 88

NDSU- 61

Screw the NDSU upset. I dont see it that way at all, (Kansas fan :D)  In all seriousness, I love Kansas here, big.

(7) Boston College vs. (10) USC

Boston College- 70

USC- 81

USC woke up at the right time, and appears to have the ability to make a little noise. George Mason anyone?

(2) Michigan State vs. (15) Robert Morris

Michigan State- 77

Robert Morris- 43

Yawn. Brutal. Yeah...


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